Superpowered C++ Networking Library & SDK

Communicate fast and easily with your server, REST, OAuth and JSON.

The Superpowered C++ Networking Library and SDK was designed from the ground-up to provide the easiest cross-platform way for a client to communicate with the back-end. It implements HTTP and HTTPS communication with custom data and header support, progress handling, file uploads/downloads and more. It reduces implementation, debug and maintenance time of typical tasks such as REST API requests, OAuth and bearer token authorization, or digital media streaming. It operates identically on all platforms, removing the pain of writing wrappers and finding quirks around the operating system's networking API, while it's fully self-contained and independent from it. The SDK also has a JSON parser to offer a complete package for your everyday networking and parsing needs.

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Communicate with REST APIs

Communicate with REST APIs

GET, POST, DELETE, etc. requests with ease

Create GET, POST, DELETE, etc. requests with ease

Send Data w/o worrying about encoding

Send data without worrying about data encoding

Custom Headers

Use custom headers everywhere and anywhere


Download files and save to disk with encryption

Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality

Create or parse JSON.

Superpowered Networking Library Features

Write once, deploy anywhere

Write and debug on a unified network API

Develop faster and reduce debugging frustration and time with same behavior and performance on all other platforms.

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It just works

Trivial set-up, it just works

Create and execute requests with ease: say goodbye to the long spaghetti code setting up curl. Blocking or asynchronous operation to fit your code design.

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Fewer lines of code

Fewer lines of code makes for more powerful development

Cleaner and more compact code. Superpowered's API is designed for quick and painful development for the most common usecases.

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Write in one place. deploy everywhere

Write in one place. deploy everywhere

Say goodbye to strange platform-specific networking errors. Superpowered networking is independent from the operating system. Superpowered behaves identically on all platforms.

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