Superpowered Web Audio JavaScript and WebAssembly SDK

Allows developers to implement low-latency interactive audio features into web sites and web apps with a friendly JavaScript API.

Superpowered Web Audio JavaScript and WebAssembly SDK is a cutting-edge WebAssembly-based library featuring low-power, real-time latency and cross-browser audio Fx, audio I/O, music analysis and spatialization.

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Desktop & Mobile VoIP

Native Quality

No compromises: audio quality is identical to our "native" platform versions.

USB Audio & MIDI

Native Performance

All data processing is performed in WebAssembly for high performance.

DAWs, Music Apps

Time Stretching

Worlds first low-latency real-time audio time-stretching in any major web browser.

Hi-Res Audio

Easy API

Develop using a standard JavaScript API. Front-end developers can design high performance audio apps now. Use vanilla JS or any of your favorite frameworks.

Voice Assistants

Web Audio

Seamlessly integrates with Web Audio, supporting both the old ScriptProcessorNode and the new Audio Worklet.

Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality

Every Major Browser

Works with the offical stable versions of every major web browser. MS Edge requires version 74.

Superpowered Interactive Audio Features

Write once, deploy anywhere

Write once, run anywhere

Launching interactive audio apps on multiple web browsers and multiple devices requires powerful DSP that provides unified performance with recuding complexity. Dealing with web browser performance idiosyncrasies is frustrating and non-productive.

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Stable, real-time audio latency performance

Stable, real-time audio latency performance

The native API is faster than OpenSL ES, Core Audio or vDSP/Accelerate. WebAssembly processing offers similar performance.

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How Some of the Most Successful Developers and Companies Feel About Superpowered

What They're Saying

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Superpowered is in a category entirely of its own. I love working with them on hard-to-solve audio tech problems.
Tristan Jehan
Tristan Jehan
Principal Scientist, Spotify
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Superpowered's high-performance DSP APIs allowed us to write
our audio engine once and run it successfully on everything from 
the latest iPads to lower-end Android devices. Without it, we wouldn't 
be doing real-time, eight-voice vocal harmonies on cheap phones.
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan
CEO & Founder, Voloco, #1 Auto Tune App on iOS and Android
Microsoft Logo


Superpowered audio is advanced cross-platform audio processing technology, wrapped in an easy to use API. Superpowered does 
all the low-level, heavy lifting that would otherwise take multiple 
vendors running multiple technologies to even come close.
Tom Butcher
Tom Butcher
Principal Engineering Manager, Avatar, Audio, AI for Mixed Reality, Microsoft