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Mobile devices and apps are hampered by low power, slow speed and battery life considerations. But your mobile app can get desktop-grade performance.

Superpowered provides up to 10x better performance per watt for audio & image processing on mobile devices.

Optimize You App for Better Performance

Audio, image and video processing are the most computationally intensive operations on mobile devices. Our unique DSP optimization technology improves the performance of any CPU-intensive task, reducing the calculation time (CPU usage), thus improving battery-life.

OEMs & ODMs will create significant differentiation by using Superpowered in their devices.

App developers will see faster performance resulting in better user engagement, fewer complaints and better ratings in app marketplaces.

Audio Processing Superpowered

The Superpowered audio engine outperforms the music "industry standard" mobile audio engine, Apple's Core Audio by 30-740%, with equal or better audio quality.

DSP units implemented: biquad filters (low-, high-, bandpass, notch, low-, highshelf, parametric), echo, reverb, eq, lo-fi, flanger.

Case study: from pro to consumer DJ, rise of EDM

Using Superpowered technology, DJ Player app disrupted the entire DJ tools market, delivering features nobody considered possible on iOS.

Four years ago, the DJ industry was focusing on professionals only, based on laptop software or standalone hardware. Fast forward to 2013: all new DJ products introduced on MusikMesse (the biggest music industry tradeshow) are working with iOS DJ software, targeted for consumers.

Thanks to the superpowers built-in, DJ Player's outstanding performance paved the way for affordable high quality DJ tools, accelerating the explosion of EDM in America.

2012, DJ TechTools:

"DJ Player says “yes, we can” to professional iPad DJing."
"...processing duties of DJ Player performed on par with desktop software, including the analysis of music, pitch adjustments, key lock, beat syncing, and looping."


How does Superpowered work?

Superpowered is a DSP (digital signal processing) software solution. It must be built into a software on source-code level.

You can use our ready-made audio units as a 3rd party framework, bundled into your application.

If custom DSP processing is needed, we create source code for You and provide advice how your app can be smoother than ever.

What are the technical requirements?

Superpowered only needs an ARM CPU with the NEON extension: this covers 99% of all mobile devices, from smartphones to tables to emerging products in wearable computing.

There is no other dependency. It's a pure software solution with no hardware modification required.

Where is it in the software stack?

Since Superpowered runs directly on ARM CPU, it doesn’t matter what software stack or operating system runs on top. It can be embedded in any software at any level such as iOS apps, Android apps or even Android OS flavors.

Superpowered audio can be used as a 3rd party library, or we can enhance your audio, image, video or any other DSP processing at the source-code level.

How long does it to integrate?

The Superpowered audio engine takes less than a working day to integrate.

Giving superpowers to your custom processing takes more time, because we need to write custom code for you. Depending on the complexity, it can take from a few days to a few weeks.

Superpowered is licensed software?

Yes. Get in touch with us below.

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